Further information

The full collection can be found in the catalogue section of the site where you will see the three main category menus. By clicking on the menus you can start viewing the digital images. The Youth & Adult Centre has been split into several subcategories, and some of these have further subcategories. These have been arranged to enable finding specific areas of interest easier.

When you see an image thumbnail (small picture) of interest to you, these can be enlarged by clicking on them with your mouse. Any text, associated images, videos or sound recordings will also be shown with the enlarged image.

In other parts of the website you can add your own images, text, videos and sound recordings, plus suggest any corrections, add names we have not listed and generally contribute to the site in many ways.

You will see that there is also a search facility near the top right hand side, plus we have included the list on the right of the pages with the popular search keywords. Click on any of the keywords and the associated images will be shown. The keywords list can also be expanded by clicking on the “view all keywords” link under the popular keywords list.

We hope you enjoy our archive collection that is updated on a regular basis, and we look forward to receiving your comments and additional archive items.